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Durga Puja
The Biggest Festival of the Bengalis, is the Worship of 'Shakti' or the Divine Power. The fragrance of Shiuli flowers on an Autumn morning, the sound of the drums (Dhak), Dhunuchi Naach or the dance with burning incense in a pot, bring joy to the hearts of all Bengalis as the promise of another auspicious period draws near. Ma Durga is an incarnation of Devi or the Mother Goddess, a unified symbol of all divine forces. For the Shaivas Ma Durga is the wife of Lord Shiva. For the Vaishnavas and the Shaktas, Ma Durga is another form of Uma or Parvati.

East Coast Durga Puja Association
is the first probashi non-profit Bengali club in North America, which started celebrating Durga Puja in the year 1969 in Manhattan, New York. This Indian American organization offers the best of Bengali culture and tradition with grace and pride. ECDPA is the mother of all organizations that celebrate Durga Puja today in North America.
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